Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who will clean the apartment before and after it is occupied?

It is your responsibility to have the apartment cleaned before and after a tenant occupies your apartment. If you can not manage to do this yourself, we can provide a cleaning service to do it for you.
The tenant will be charged a final one-time cleaning fee.

Q. How will the tenant receive the keys to the apartment upon arrival?

The tenant will contact you by phone the day he arrives to arrange for keys delivery.
This should be done inside the apartment. You should meet the tenant when we arrive.
If can not be present for the keys delivery at the time the tenant arrives, we are happy to provide such a service to you.

Q. What do I need to provide in the apartment?

The apartment should be fully furnished and include bed linen and towels. We recommended you have 3 sets of bed linen and towels of the maximum number of guests you allowed. The kitchen should have all the basic equipment to make a simple meal and enough dishes and cutlery for the maximum number of guests who can sleep in the apartment. Again we recommended you have 2 sets. The apartment should also be equipped with high-speed or wireless internet as well as a TV set and CD player (or better yet, small MP3 player amplifier or MP3 speakers). A dishwasher and a washing machine are also very important.

Q. What if I don't have good photos of my apartment?

Good photographs of your apartment are the most important key to getting tenants.
It is of the utmost importance that we have high quality photos of your apartment to include it on our website. We highly recommended that we photograph your apartment to guarantee the quality and format we need on our web pages. It is also highly recommended that you provide us with a floor plan of your property.

Q. What happens if a tenant breaks or steals something from the apartment?

Our clients are reliable and respectful travellers, and so far there have been no such problems in our apartments. Such incidents are highly unlikely, but just in case we have a process for submitting claims. The tenant should be charged for damages when sufficient proof is supplied. For accidents you should have home owner's insurance both for damages to property and liability for the tenant. Contact your insurance company to see if you need special coverage for rentals.

Q. How do I set the price for my apartment?

One of the benefits of listing with Bright-Lisbon Apartments is that we advertised your property for the price you want for it. We will retain our commission from that. 
Please contact us so we can give you a fair idea of the price of your apartment, depending on location, area and general quality. Of course we are here to assist you if you need some guidance when pricing your apartment.

Q. How will I get paid?

Your payment will be made by the customer himself upon arrival to the apartment. The value of that payment is the booking value plus the cleaning fee minus our commission (which is already been taken at the time of booking). Your payment should be made in cash and in Euros by the customer.

Q. Can I list my apartment on other websites?
YES. You may advertise your apartment on any other list. Through our web site we accept online payments and confirm bookings for your property only when is available. So it is responsibility and interest to inform us immediately as soon as you have received bookings from other sources.